The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) was the world's first to establish a curatorial department purely for architecture & design. Their permanent collection features exquisite objects, sketches and models.  

The Stone rug was picked up by the MoMA in 1985 as part of this prestigious permanent collection in NYC.

Photo by KatildaM/iStock / Getty Images

rounded cobblestones in the Greek isles INSPIRED LUCIEN VLERICK, STONE'S CREATOR, TO DEVELOP THE TEXTUREd rug.

His landscape inspired design is a prime example of innovation and the use of renewable materials.

For over 40 years Stone has been produced in Belgium using 100% pure New Zealand wool, an eco-friendly and durable natural fibre. This soft, luxurious wool has natural elasticity and resistance to dirt. 

Iconic in the world of Wilton weaving, Stone continues to capture attention worldwide. It is still considered the market's best selling carpet of its kind.

To commemorate the producer's 60th Anniversary and Stone's 40 years of success a new colour, alpin, has been launched.